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 filmyzilla - Toy Story All Movies Hindi Dubbed Download HD+ Quality Toy Story All One of the Best Animated Films Ever! Toy story Full movies ( 1995 – 2019 ) Review in English and Watch Online all parts FREE in just a single click Toy story Full movie download in Hindi + English Dubbed 780p and Bluray  by

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ü Toy Story 1 [ 1995 ] Review


toy story 1 full movie

Initial release:

19 November 1995 (Hollywood)


John Lasseter

Box office:

37.36 crores USD


3 crores USD


          What's going on everyone we are doing a revisiting retro review series right now and starting today we're starting with the very first Toy Story leading up to Toy Story 4 now Toy Story is one of my favorite franchises.

Toy Story 2 is actually the first of all I ever saw in theaters and I have like every single toy story toy ever known to man um a toy the store is a big part of my life like without this I wouldn't love cinema I feel I feel like I wouldn't love Disney or Pixar like Toy Story in general is everything to me.

  it yesterday and again this film was perfect like like like we're just going to stay out with that but of course guys if you guys are new here and you do love Toy Story you love early movie reviews make sure that like the subscribe button because you will be getting all that content over on this channel plus he has an awesome over sandwich on films on ways to see films, Arlie, down there cuz you'll get out a lot of advance movie screen tickets you definitely aren't gonna want to miss it first story film is actually older than me at rubes released in 1995.

I have so many videos and so many plans for this future series of revisiting a lot of Toy Story films leading up to Toy Story 4 but of course within this we do have to be going back through in retro reviewing every single toy story film that has come out to date and starting today again we're going through with the very first Toy Story I'm so excited about this I just Rewatched.

Toy Story 1 full movie Review

 two raving reviews it still has 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes very deservedly so in this film again I like I said earlier in the review this is a perfect film this is one of my favorite films of all time if not my favorite it's a movie that has a lot of good messages for kids but the animation to this date still holds up there's still a lot of great aspects to that animation times fact so many great elements of Toy Story still work to this date of course.


 it's about Woody Andy's favorite toy and once it comes around his birthday everyone's freaking out that a new toy might be lacing them they might end up at a garage sale but it turns out Buzz Lightyear's here and woody is a very jealous man but the the whole message that kind of revolves around these characters is jealousy and being forgotten and those elements are always actually further doubt and later on Toy Story films as we've seen through one two and even three but within this movie of course it is stated and shown too that where kids can actually learn about being forgotten or maybe.

  what we do revisit a lot of these older animated films sometimes the animation doesn't hold up and I'll be frank with it some of the animations in this film it's a little moving salad place and we can obviously see that it's a little bit rough around the edges here and there but the animation and attention to detail for certain environments and even on the toys are still extravagant it really goes down to that story and if that story doesn't stick then the whole film doesn't work into me that's one of the major Pro still for the very first tour II this film the story is great of course.


 you caring about their toys just a little bit better but it also talks about jealousy and feeling jealous that maybe you know I like it this film as we're having a sister or a brother being born within your family and your younger child some of these feelings that that woody has you might also have as well but throughout the course of this film we see that them working together them becoming best friends and of course I'm just even further down the road again within the franchise and knowing what's gonna come I'm watching this film thinking man these two are gonna be best buds for life.

 Toy Story 1 Trailer


 it makes me smiled ear to ear within this story as a brilliantly written script that has a great protagonist great antagonist as well I mean I love Sid I think the whole thing the whole horror elements as they do bring into SIDS home and the atrocities and the crazy creepy monster that he has in there are worth wild and again that attention to detail is played within that room so well you can definitely tell that the art directors the animators and even the director himself knew exactly within this room to remake and kind of just infuse a lot of horror elements into it.


if you guys know me I love horror horror element is infused with in here so great and a lot of the humor that is placed throughout the film is brilliant I was still laughing out loud and still having such a great time with this movie to date I'm 22 years old now and I'm still having a blast for this film still holds up to this date because it does show out that this is still an iconic thing with in pop culture there are still kids revisiting Toy Story to this day for the very first time in falling in love with it all over again sorry does such a great deal and every single department the art the animation is superb the writing in the story is excellent and even emotional but carries such a great message.

  filmyzilla - Toy Story All Movies Hindi Dubbed Download HD+ Quality Toy Story All One of the Best Animated Films Ever! Toy story Full movies ( 1995 – 2019 ) Review in English and Watch Online all parts FREE in just a single click Toy story Full movie download in Hindi + English Dubbed 780p and Bluray  by

 Buzz and Woody are iconic characters or life and two of Pixar's main heroines that I think are some of the best characters that Pixar has still ever developed to the state the side characters are great you got ham Rex mr. Potato Head Bo Peep RC car you have them all and they all play a part the Easter eggs in this film are great and even watching this film.

  carries again a great message great story great humor and again it's the one of the best perfect family films ever made with all that said I'm gonna give Toy Story an A+ we know what you guys thoughts are on the first Toy Story do you guys like is you hate it you think it's a little bit override or do you love it just as much as I did or maybe you even grew up with it let's talk about it down below in the comments guys again.


 I do recognize a couple things that they do add in later on of course you actually see the clown from Toy Story 3 I'm one of the wrapping papers in here you see a lot of things in the background where it goes ten tiny toys or other Pixar shorts that Pixar has made in the past and overall there's just so much cleverness into the original Toy Story that it still holds up to the day if you've still not seen this film this is a film that everyone needs to check out it.

 if you're new here hit that like and subscribe button and wish on films and make sure to stay around for more Toy Story cuz you could definitely know you got a friend in me believe actually forgot to mention the score the score is really good in the music in here is really good too let's not forget that of course until next time stay classy.



ü Toy Story 2 [ 1999 ] Review

toy story 2 full movie

Initial release:

15 January 2010 (India)


John Lasseter

Box office:

49.74 crores USD


9 crores USD

          Toy Story 2 when this movie came out in the early days of Pixar the previous two already proved to the public that they can make great and successful movies but this one stepped in to present that they can also make great sequels so much so that it stands as one of the most critically acclaimed animated films on Rotten Tomatoes.


 I know that some could be iffy on the site but still a mainstream movie getting a hundred percent is quite an accomplishment originally planned to be released straight to video as part of Disney's newfound gold mine of direct-to-video sequels the movie went through quite an insane production more so than most other Pixar films.


 I never growing pressure as the film would now be released in theaters a deadline that always seemed like it was creeping closer that couldn't be pushed back an incident that made them almost lose the entire movie and a story so broke that they decided to scrap everything and completely redo the whole movie in just 9 months so after all that hard work with a feature ready for the world to see can the toys still go infinity and beyond or did this movie.


 leave them as broken as some of the animators when production was finally finished what's find out the story as the first movie would set the foundation of Toy Story the sequel helped expand its concept and ideas to create a more vast and richer world that the toys are set in now that audiences are used to having toys come to life.


 when no humans are around this movie would present what it's like to be a toy in a toy store and in the hands of a collector like with the first it makes the theory of the life of a toy feel fresh again along with massively developing the old characters to show a brand-new side of them but that is only the core of the feature which is great that it managed to get that done correctly in terms of the story in this Toy Story the film would juggle with two plots happening at the same time one is where woody got stolen by this collector and would then learn about the franchise.

 Toy Story All Movies - Download Bluray and 780p Quality Print 1995 To 2019 parts

 when both plots collide on top of resulting in the climax that gets more intense and exciting as the film gets closer to the end on top of that not only does it function well as a feature on its own but it also highly succeeds as a sequel where it would incorporate some subtle nods to the original however they wouldn't just play as throwbacks or references for the sake of a joke they would also have a role in advancing the plot to present how the characters grew because of these past events without me they'll go back into storage maybe forever what are you're not a collector's item you're a child's plaything you are a toy the story accomplished exactly.

 he came from and the other features buzz and some of the other toys who set out to rescue woody he's to seem different at first in tone where one focuses more on the franchise concept and delivering the heart while the other is more action-packed that emphasizes the animation MOVIES and bringing out the humor however the beauty of the writing here is how these two plots blend very well and how they would collaborate where one would need the other in order to tell this one cohesive the story thus having audiences get engaged with what's happening and to see what would be the outcome.

Toy story 2 full movie Review

 what it aimed for as a follow up to take the ideas from before and grow them to make them feel fresh and exciting all over again the animation I'll start this off by discussing about the elephant in the room that might make some people uncomfortable okay not that uncomfortable I mean about how the animation is old considering how this was released back in 1999 it doesn't hide that the visuals are rather dated compared to today's standards resulting in some human characters looking weird and the textures seem mostly off well.


 it is true that it could no longer be known as the most technologically advanced animated feature there is one thing that the first and this benefits very well to even have the animation feel timeless as this is a movie that centers around toys it can get away with many of the limitations of its time to have most of the characters look like what they are supposed to be do the lighting in the textures make it.


 look like they're made out of plastic good because almost everyone is made out of plastic anyways however regardless of what Pixar had back then it doesn't change how the animators managed to deliver exactly how this movie should be viewed one an element that it accomplished the most is the perspective of a toy where the backgrounds are built-in ordinary places like a suburban home a toy store or in a room of an apartment but they are made in a way where they all seem massive and what anyone can easily pick up can be a huge obstacle for the toys.

 Toy Story All Movies - Download Bluray and 780p Quality Print 1995 To 2019 parts

as it is the second time that the animators would play around these characters, it is noticeable how their goal was to outdo themselves from what they previously did before and really emphasize the physical acting of Woody and Buzz along with broadening the creativity of the other toys to make the most out of their abilities and limitations.


 this would also explain why there are more action scenes than before where the characters would put themselves in crazy situations that help with the engagement if there would be one small criticism with its visuals it would be while it did level up the character animation I can't say the same for the designs not to say that they're bad but there isn't a lot of new looks with the toys the most that it delivered is Zurg wheezy the Barbies the roundup gang and al himself whose the caricatured style still looks good today for a movie as old as this well.

  filmyzilla - Toy Story All Movies Hindi Dubbed Download HD+ Quality 

 it's age may be prominent compared to today's animated films it doesn't change how the animation here is still a strong achievement the characters debatably the central toy of the first film was Buzz Light year as he was the latest and most popular thing when he first hit shelves and was one of Andy's birthday presents however in the sequel this one is all about woody as it would explore how he became a toy through a franchise that was a former national phenomenon in a way, there is a bit of a theme when it comes to how this movie would present.


 its characters both old and new and that is how their past shaped them to become who they are in the sequel they would approach it in a unique way to present how one would confront their past going back to woody he would learn that he originated from a show called Woody's roundup where not only he was the star but also had a a large collection of merchandise dedicated to him along with other toys that where a part of the show this would put woody in a conflicting scenario.


 where he would have to choose to either return to Andy and be the loving toy of one kid or leave to Japan where he would be a part of a museum and be adored as a star as for Buzz he would start out as the dedicated best friend who would go to save him at all cost but would later meet another Buzz Lightyear toy that believes that he is the real Buzz Light year resulting in the original Buzz to a character his old the self that behaved just like he did in the first film you're breaking ranks Ranger Buzz Lightyear to Star Command I've got an AWOL Space Ranger film that's a light bulb while all of Andy's other toys returned for the sequel.


 Toy Story 2 Trailer

 it would mostly be mr. Potato Head racks ham and a slinky dog that Jordan buzzes rescue mission to not only supply the movie's humor but to also lend a helping hand as obviously Buzz couldn't do this alone with the new characters the roundup gang are probably the main latest feature of this Toy Story installment as they each have their own unique personalities and backstories bull's eye would act more like a loyal dog Jesse while eccentric as she can be suffers trauma from being abandoned by her owner and Stinky Pete is a mint-condition toy that never left his box and then there's al where he would count as a villain of this feature where he would have a comically selfish.


Ice Age movies all parts Download in Hindi dubbed filmyzilla

 greedy attitude regarding selling his entire Woody's roundup collection to a Japanese Museum the characters were highly beloved when the first movie was released but the second one not only added some new toys to the roster but it also developed everyone to a whole new level Toy Story 2 is one of the greatest examples of how a sequel should be.


 it takes all the ideas and characters from the first film and would expand them to make the experience feel as enjoyable and exciting as it was the first time with a highly engaging story very well crafted characters both old and new and computer animation that can still hold up decades later for both movie fans and animation fans this one is an absolute must watch and is always a great choice in case you're in the mood for a fun movie to have some laughs.


 have a good time this would often be considered as one of the best-animated sequels ever and by watching this it's understandable as to how it got that title and it should have no problem to also earn the Animas seal of approval  you hey guys this is Anna Matt and I just want to start things off by giving out a huge thanks to Nick Jay who's amazing support on patreon allowed him to go and get some amazing rewards including this one where he would get to ask me to go and review Toy Story 2 so.


I just wanted to give him a huge thanks not just for the support on Patreon but also just for requesting me such a great movie in general that's always fun to have but anyways going back into the subject of Toy Story 2 in recent years I have actually seen a lot of debates regarding this movie in particular or that this movie would actually be involved in the massive debate that people would still be going on about and that is actually regarding the discussion about which Toy Story sequel is better.

  filmyzilla - Toy Story All Movies Hindi Dubbed Download HD+ Quality Toy Story All One of the Best Animated Films Ever! Toy story Full movies ( 1995 – 2019 ) Review in English and Watch Online all parts FREE in just a single click Toy story Full movie download in Hindi + English Dubbed 780p and Bluray  by

 Toy Story 2 or Toy Story 3 and by the way on a side note during the time that I made the review of Toy Story 2 and during the time that I have recorded this Toy Story 4 has yet to be released so just to give you guys a little bit of a context that this is during the time that we don't have toys story for yet so we only have two and three to go and discuss in terms of the Toy Story sequels but anyways going back into this I've seen a lot of people discuss oh which one is better and some prefer Toy Story 2 and some prefer Toy Story 3

 Toy Story All Movies - Download Bluray and 780p Quality Print 1995 To 2019 parts

I would even say even for myself I would say that I do lean a little bit more towards like the Toy Story 3 camp I absolutely adore that the movie it is absolutely phenomenal but this is not to hinder on to the quality of Toy Story 2 and in a way I feel like this discussion, in general, is kind of pointless because regardless of which one do you prefer Toy Story 2 or Toy Story 3 they're both absolutely amazing films in Deraa in general and as a result with Toy Story 1 2 and 3.


 it really does the Toy Story franchise to become possibly the greatest animated trilogy of all time and again this is before Toy Story 4 so we only have the trilogy to go and look at but very rarely would we ever see a trilogy in general like not just for animated films but even for movies in general where they would be great after great movie where it would actually stay consistently great and even especially for animation, it's really difficult to even think about like three sets of movies that can be that good one after another like the closest that probably reached to the Toy Story level would be the.


  filmyzilla - Toy Story All Movies Hindi Dubbed Download HD+ Quality 

 How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda franchise but even with those like they would probably have one movie or two is kind of like it's not great but it is good but with Toy Story 3 what with the Toy Story trilogy, in general, they left such a massive legacy and really made possibly one of the biggest impacts in the animation industry with each film that they brought out and especially.


 when it's extremely rare to find like a follow-up that can be really that good and especially when the first film already set a massively high standard like one of the most revolutionary animated features of all time it really is a massive testament to how great the Toy Story movies are so regardless if you like the first film the second film or the third film these movies are just absolutely amazing regardless of which one do you prefer not anyways now that we are done with Toy Story 2.


 it is now time that we shall go and move on to the next Patreon request which shall be from Matt shooting and I'll just start things off by saying that if you guys would like to be like Matt or Nick J and you want to go and support my work and get some amazing rewards at the same time Inc loading but not limited to seeing my videos before anyone else then all you have to do is go to slash animat but at the same time.

 Download Bluray and 780p Quality Print 1995 To 2019 parts

if you guys would like to suggest an animated film you would like me to go and review and I would put onto the animation hat then all you have to do is go to write me an email at NMX reviews at alright so now that we are done with that let's go ahead and ask the question what is it that Matt went and asked me to go and review what didn't what Matt what did one Matt say to another well very interestingly enough we are going to be keeping a little bit of a theme of toys where one movie is all about toys but then this movie in particular, is going to be based on a toy line well more specifically.


 it's a movie based on the TV show based on a popular toy line and from there it's just chaos and action that's just entirely encompassing the whole movie that and also I think it is safe to say that after seeing it definitely is one of the most 80s movies that I have ever seen besides when it all ends I'll have old Buzz Lightyear to keep me company for infinity and beyond


ü Toy story 3 [ 2010 ] Review

toy story 3 full movie

Initial release:

25 June 2010 ( india )


Lee Unkrich

Box office:

106.7 crores USD (2018)


20 crores USD



          Toy story 3 review in English Toy Story 3 it's extremely rare that an animated film would make it as far as a third movie in their franchise trick managed to do that once but then he failed horribly and now Pixar decided to take the risk with their.


 Toy Story franchise how did they pull through let's find out the story in this one it is to us two questions about toys how do they feel when the kid they play with is all grown up and how do they feel in a daycare center both of these questions are two totally different genres of their own one is action-packed and epic while the other one is heartwarming what makes.


 it amazing is that Pixar manages to mix these two genres together with a little bit of everything else and make it incredible for the flaws though nope no flaws here what else can I say this is just one hell of a story that really brings you into the second, it starts the animation well.


 it's what you'd expect from Pixar it's amazing in every way but let me elaborate more for this film Pixar usually gives us films that bring us where we've never been before which in this case a toy in a daycare center and they've done it perfectly also every fabric and every material made from the characters are so realistic like you couldn't believe more that this bear looks so soft and huggable but what really impresses me in this is the character animation since there are so many toys.

Toy story 3 full movie Review

 all with different functions and stuff this is what you have to expect from Pixar no matter what they animate it will blow you away the characters usually for sequels I don't really count the recurring characters unless they might have changed dramatically in this case these guys are still the same and they quickly remind you why do you love them in the past movies like I mentioned before there are a lot of new characters most of the time in sequels.


 there's always a few that you might not like but in Toy Story 3 none of the new guys suck if they're good you'll like them immediately if they're evil you will love to hate them if they have a small role but not like an extra they might have an impact on you so pretty much they're all great and memorable characters oh and one more thing to add keep an eye on one guy that makes a cameo as a toy which I won't spoil there comes a time when a legendary trilogy appears in the world like the Lord of the Rings the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones for the first time ever.


 Toy Story 2 Trailer

 Toy Story is now ranked up with them as the first animated legendary trilogy but do you know who the real target audience is it's not really the kids it's not really adults but it's young adults those who are around 17 or 18 who have seen the first or second toy story when they were very small and or going to college why because they can easily replace Andy as themselves and woody as their favorite toy during their childhood even as I'm doing this review.


 I have my Pikachu and my other favorite toys next to me bringing me memories of my childhood and how these toys made my life enjoyable now close your computer and go watch it now I don't care if you have already seen it go watch it again because this is not an amazing film it's a Pixar film.



ü Toy story 4 [ 2019 ] Review

toy story 4 full movie

Initial release:

21 June 2019 (India)


Josh Cooley

Box office:

107.3 crores USD


20 crores USD


         Toy story 4 review English Toy Story 4 was directed by Josh Cooley this is his first directorial credit for a feature he's done two shorts before and he was one of the writers on inside-out so now that Woody and Buzz and all the other toys.


 belong to Bonnie they have to try to make sure her life is special and when Bonnie goes to her first orientation day for kindergarten she makes a toy out of a spork and this thing suddenly has consciousness and doesn't quite understand what it is but it was the first hint of joy for the body on her orientation day because.


 she was terrified of going to school and when this little guy called for key wants to run away Woody and Buzz and the other toys have to try to make sure they can bring him back which starts a whole nother adventure they didn't expect now before I get any farther in the review I do want to give a very special thank you.

 let's talk about Toy Story 4 I don't think I'd be reaching to say that the majority of us were worried about this movie as a trilogy story Story 1 2 & 3 was highly satisfying critics liked it people liked it ended really well I was honestly terrified about this film I tried to remain optimistic and hopeful about the film but when it came to Toy Story 4.


  filmyzilla - Toy Story All Movies Hindi Dubbed Download HD+ Quality 

 I did find myself cynical because when you have a trilogy that's actually satisfying it's kind of scary when they decide to make another one Raiders of the Lost Ark Temple of Doom Last Crusade it's done Bourne Identity supremacy and ultimatum done it's really hard to make a good trilogy that's as satisfying as the Toy Story the trilogy was and so when they said they were gonna make another one I was really concerned I walked out of a movie a few weeks ago and I heard somebody behind me they passed the Toy Story 4 poster and they said there is no way that that the movie is going to be good.

 Toy Story All Movies - Download Bluray

 I cannot wait to see that movie and laugh at it because it's going to be awful and I remember thinking Jesus like that's a little much they haven't even made a bad toys Story movie yet hell they haven't even made a mediocre Toy Story movie yet they're all great I was cynical about this movie and I was really worried about it and when I sat down the theater I thought to myself this movie can do nothing but surprise me.


 but I wasn't like this is going to suck I really wanted it to be good and it really surprised me this film was a blast from start to finish and extremely emotionally satisfying and I do believe that Toy Story 4 has the potential to become maybe the prime argument whenever someone is defending the continuation of a franchise beyond its initial completion.

 toy story 4 full movie Review

 I thought three was the perfect ending and I didn't really see them doing anything else with these characters and what I was really concerned about was the fourth film just being yet another episodic adventure and there are times where it feels like that but it was so well done that I didn't care and then without telling you anything.


 it's like oh you were doing things with these characters I see where you wanted this to go yes in some ways the film is easily able to say let's do some more which is a little business and commerce' you know and you're like oh I see when you're doing and doing more movies but if they're going to be this good I'm fine with it.


 let's talk about Josh Cooley what a feature debut this is beautifully directed the way he moves characters in and around the screen the action sequences the emotional beats he does a terrific job this is a really really well-made movie and the animation has gotten to the point where it is fucking photorealistic there's an opening sequence.

 Toy Story All Movies - Download Bluray

 where the entire the scene is in the rain and there are characters underneath a car and there's these little beads of water just dropping off of the pipes it looked real it did not look like animation it is insane the level of animation Pixar has reached what's also really tough to do in a franchise like Toy Story has a brand new villain every time because of the Toy Story.


 I remember even when I was like eight years old I was like oh shit fuckin cannibal toys I didn't say those words but that's what I was feeling inside the introductory scene for this character there is a shining reference with the choice of music and I was like yep I'm on board you got me in fact that's not the only Kubrick reference in the film, there's another one for 2001.

 films they don't have like a continuing villain storyline and so they have to have a new thing every time and what they do here really was unexpected to me at first it was almost like a horror movie which reminded me of Sid in the first film and I've always loved how dark that film got the very first one where buzz looks at them they're cannibals.


 Toy Story 4 Trailer

 Space Odyssey if you're listening very closely they play around a lot with the villains the storyline in this movie to make it different and it goes in a direction that I really didn't expect it to and it was not something I could have predicted which is great it just it somehow surprised me I don't know how this children's film the fourth and the franchise did but it did but one of the most important storylines in the film is this new toy made from a spork that Bonnie names for key and Woody is trying to protect this thing because it's so important to Bonnie like.


 I said it was that one connection she made on that first orientation day that made her think okay maybe school is gonna be alright so woody naturally feels very protective of his kid and wants to make sure she's safe and happy so now he's got to protect forky who has no idea what the hell's going on he doesn't know he's a toy doesn't know what he is and it's not exactly the same as like the Buzz Lightyear woody dynamic from the first one where buzz thought he was a real Space Ranger this is different this is like a weird amalgam nation of something that has been created.

 Toy Story All Movies - Download Bluray and 780p Quality Print

it has no idea exactly what it is and so what he has to make sure this thing is protected and in that way, we get a lot of scenes where he's essentially being a father which was one of my favorite themes about the film protecting those we love how far is too far how far is overprotective you know and a lot of that comes into bo-peep in this movie which is just the best that character.


 has ever been easily like she got a major upgrade as a character and she's awesome here and the movie does play a lot with the relationship between Woody and Bo Peep while in the first film it was sort of like a flirtatious relationship that had absolutely no depth to it here we have a fully fleshed out relationship and it's handled beautifully when.


 it comes to comedies I'm a tough laugh I like clever humor I like humor that makes me think about a a situation or something that we're normally thinking of or just very crass humor dry humor and when it comes to Toy Story 4 there's surprisingly a lot of that there are actually a few offensive jokes even.


I was like okay this franchise still understands that in the first, one we had Buzz Light beer and we had the word I'm searching for I can't say because there are preschool toys present getting kind of tense aren't you so we have a scary horror like set up with the villain characters and some adult humor in other words this movie didn't play it safe which I was really afraid it was gone be this squeaky clean 2019 Disney movie but it this is a Pixar film.


  filmyzilla - Toy Story All Movies Hindi Dubbed Download HD+ Quality 

 I didn't feel like I was watching like a studio movie that checked all the boxes Pixar knows their shit and they did a damn good job making this movie and it really surprised me when it comes to the emotional beats I didn't expect to be as wrapped up in it as I was and again  I don't want to give you any details but there comes a the point in the film where you sort of realize what they were doing with the characters what at one point in time did feel kind of episodic suddenly becomes more than that and you realize holy shit you were setting this up all along and I never even considered.


 that and the waterworks just and I was done and like I think I lost it more in this movie than did in Toy Story 3 even as far as new characters go Duke KABOOOM voiced by Keanu Reeves is awesome he's a Canadian stunt man and he's hilarious.

  I liked him because when I saw the teaser I was like oh shit he's going to annoy me I just know it I fucking know it but no I actually really liked that character and I know this isn't a reference to the anime but if you happen to be a fan of the very obscure anime buh buh Buh buh buh buh buh there's a scene where you will not be able to help but hear that title in your head I know it's not a reference to that show but as a fan of anime and you know I knew.


 if that show I was like haha that's funny that they just got to set it there really was no dull the moment in Toy Story 4 there was never a scene that I felt dragged it felt shorter than its runtime it was consistently entertaining and it is yet again another fantastic Toy Story movie if I were to try to talk about flaws.


 it was a perfect role for Keanu Reeves key and Peele played two plushies that can be won at a carnival they were really funny all of the new characters especially for key risk being annoying because they're around a lot and I never was in fact four key was actually really sweet and I couldn't believe that.


 I feel like I would be reaching a lot like I mean it's like it's there I know I could find it it's right here oh yeah I found a flaw look at me well for me I would say my only the issue with the movie is that I wish there were more woody buzz scenes there's some heartfelt stuff there's just not a lot it wasn't this movie's focus and to me that relationship has really anchored these films would have liked to have seen a little more of that and like.

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 I said there are times where this adventure they're on does feel a little inconsequential until you see where they're going with it and you're like oh okay so this actually was necessary to get to that point I understand that now that's it this is a fucking great movie I am blown away by how good this movie was I did not expect it to be this good so maybe go in with that mentality go in expecting to be underwhelmed and maybe you'll have a good time with it I'm going to give Toy Story 4 and an I am just I'm so happy that this movie didn't suck.


I really honestly thought it was going to I really did I was just I don't usually get cynical about movies like this I was just like it kind of started to affect me like why do we need this movie it doesn't have to happen and then you know.


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I sat there and it was great so yet you know forget those thoughts just go enjoy yourself have a good time guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more reviews very soon and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes you


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